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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

- Benjamin Franklin

Our service in CAD Technology

Knowledge CAD    |    Author: Mech Solutions Ltd

Engineers of Mech Solutions Ltd are obtaining CAD (computer aided design) on the projects of our clients, and we use our professional skills to design and analysis the project based on our customer’s requirement. We create standard drawings which can be ready for manufacturing. Mech Solutions engineers working in the CAD package provides the following services:

  • Projecting your products and create standardized drawings. In the production, people will have a better view of parts that need to make, assemble, weld and perform control. 
  • Defining interactive model – pictures and motions of products before they are made for the purpose of mechanics check, display, marketing etc. 
  • We offer a large number of simulations and calculations which reduce the time required for the launch of a product on the market. Simulation of reducing failures and mistakes, and achieve large savings in the cost of product development. We should also mention the optimization carried out by our engineers in order to realize cost reduction and to obtain a better solution.
  • Define a complete normative model.

Mech Solutions Ltd provides superior support and services, and the implementation of solutions, which adds value to your product and technology and guarantee a successful implementation and return on investment.

Mech Solutions application of CAD through the industry:

  • Engineering,
  • General Machining Engineering,
  • Automotive,
  • Aerospace,
  • Military Industry,
  • Packaging Industry,
  • Product design of sheet metal parts,
  • Welded constructions,
  • Process Industry,
  • Industrial Design,
  • Equipment for the Oil industry,
  • Application for processing of metals and plastics.
  • and more



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