Mech Solutions Ltd has continued to engage the maker community and inspire as well as cultivate the minds of the younger generation for inspiration and recognition in science and technology. With Mech Schools we are one step closer to achieving our goal.

Unique Experience

Mech Solutions Ltd has tremendous information about the 3d printing industry and can convey that knowledge through information sessions and tutorials. Our information sessions provide to customers at all level, varying in skill levels. Our company also provides tutorials on 3d printing to groups of people teaching them about FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology and the parts used by machines that utilize this 3d printing technology.

Informational Sessions

During the Informational sessions the clients will be given a brief introduction to 3d printing technology. During this session the client will be given a brief history of additive manufacturing technology and the different types of technologies that use that manufacturing technique. We will also go over the properties of the various material used by FDM printers and their traits.

Informational Sessions

Our tutorials give the customer a detailed insight into 3d printing by offering them workshops where they will learn how to operate a 3d printer. This tutorial will also talk about choosing the right material for your 3d printed part in order to get the desired result from the part. After the tutorial the client obtain the ability to operate an FDM 3d printer with ease and get the desired results from them. IThese topics give the client a better understanding on additive manufacturing.

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