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  • fluidized bed in cfd and dem, ansys, service in Toronto, GTA, Canada

    DEM: Fluidized bed

    SoftwareANSYS Fluent, EDEM
    ModuleCFD, DEM
    ApplicationChemical Engineering
    Spending Time4 Days
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  • CFD: Suction Pipe

    SoftwareENSIGHT, EDEM
    ModuleCFD, DEM
    ApplicationParticle dynamics analysis
    Spending Time2 days
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    sunction pipe, cfd, dem, ansys, Service in Toronto, GTA, Canada
  • cfd multiphase anlaysis service in Toronto, GTA, Canada

    CFD: Grain Drying Machine

    SoftwareAnsys Fluent, EDEM
    ModuleCFD, DEM
    ApplicationCoupled analysis of DEM and CFD
    Spending Time3 Days
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Our Service

Mech Solutions Ltd.’s CFD consulting service works on projects in steady state and transient CFD simulations, aerodynamics, multiphase flows, heat transfer, and thermal modelling, flow mixing, etc. for industrial firms, governments, universities, and international research centers. Our professional engineers have strong research ability on CFD with a high volume of publications and certifications. We want to be a seamless extension of our customers and help you to find the reliable and innovative solutions.

The services in CFD include:

At Mech Solutions, we offer flexible consulting services to provide you expertise and increase in productivity with very competitive pricing national-wide. Whether you need a professional for a specific project and you are not wanting to hire a new employee, or you are looking for a long-term partner to handle complex problems, we will be giving you your best solution.

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