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F.A.Q. about FEA



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  • How does FEA improve product quality?

    For manufacturing high quality products, there is nothing better than FEA. In fact, using FEA can guarantee better quality, efficiency and uptime. This will further increase the...

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  • What is FEA used for?

    FEA can be used to evaluate corrosions on a particular machine component and can even predict future corrosion expansion. It can also help in figuring out the default frequency ...

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  • What are the types of FEA?

    Depending on the complexity of a project, different types of FEA analysis methods can be used. While structural analysis is used for simulating a product’s performance under add...

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  • What does the FEA process involve?

    In the FEA process, a three-dimensional model is developed and then connected to a complex mesh by a number of nodes. An area within the mesh that seems to be prone to high stre...

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  • What type of problems require Non-linear analysis?

    The following type of problems require non-linear analysis -Structures and machine elements that have large displacements under load. Typical examples are: Deflection of fi...

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  • What is Finite Element Anslysis (FEA)?

    The FEA is a novel numerical method used to solve ordinary and partial differential equations. The method is based on the integration of the terms in the equation to be solved, ...

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