3D Printing: Disney Castle

3D Printing: Disney Castle

3D Printing Disney Castle model using red wax and DLP technology with low price, in GTA toronto, Canada

The product is designed and created based on a Disney Castle.

MaterialRed Wax
Spending Time7-10 days


User demand

Create product based on the real object

Our advantage

Highly precise and sophisticated technology is used to emulate its real appearance and fine details

Production Process

  • 3D printed product before post processing

    3D Printing Disney Castle model using red wax and DLP technology with low price, in GTA toronto, Canada

Our Value

  • 3D printing cloud service

    3D Printing Cloud Engine (coming soon)

    Our 3D Printing Cloud Engine can instantly calculate printing price, create 360° photo view, check printing feasibility, rescale and hollow models, and suggest post-processing service. We accept stl (preferred), obj, stp, igs, dxf, vrml, ply, zip, rar, jpg, jpeg, bmp, and gif format.

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  • Our 3D printing using PLA and Photopolymer by SLA provide low cost service in Toronto, GTA, Canada

    Lower prices on PLA and photopolymer

    We believe our price for PLA and Photopolymer products, using SLA and FDM technology respectively, will beat our competitors, particularly for large-scale products. We provide one-step forming and snap-fit joints for larger components.

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  • make a silicon mold for small batch printed prototype

    Extended silicon-molding service

    Making a silicon mold using 3D-printed prototype is a fast and cost-effective method to reproduce small batches of products up to 20 copies. We are able to cast printed prototypes which are made in PLA, ABS, Nylon, PP and PC in various colors and finishing.

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  • Provide end-to-end solutions service on 3d printing

    Integrated solutions for 3D Printing

    Our designers can help our customers to accurately create customized models and be ready for instant 3D printing. We offer general grinding & polishing for free. We also offer fine grinding & polishing, drawing, coloring, spray painting and electroplating for reasonable prices.

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Service Flow

  • Do you have the model available?

    If you have your models, please upload them to get an instant price and printability feedback. If you pass our test, you can move to Step 3; if not, please check the existing defects or ask our customer service. The format we prefer is .stl; also, we accept stp, igs, and obj format.

  • Contact us to get your customized model

    If you haven’t received your model or your models need to be adjusted, our professional CAD designers can certainly help you with that. Please go to the CAD page for more information about our CAD service.

  • Select your printing options

    Use our cloud computing engine tools to choose your best materials, color, and hollow or solid models. You can also discuss your need with us through email (info@mechsolutions.com) or telephone (+1905-879-6324)

  • Optional extended service

    Mech Solutions Ltd offers various customized post-processing services, such as silicon molding for a small batch of printing models, polishing, drawing, coloring, spray painting, and electroplating, etc. Please contact us for the detailed information about our service.



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